Sunday, December 28, 2008

the trip

well i´m sorry the oñly thing i have to say is it was a long trip to a hotel the one where i found a scorpion inparticicrally i had so much energy when i came home to the hotel that practicly i was bouncing off the walls we went to pizza hut ate pizza for dinner . the pizza huts down here have soccer in there ball rooms.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

the feeling

Hello again i am having a great time i went to a new hotel today and its a nice hotel. guess what there's no scorpions in this one ! well i met somebody who works for cause for hope his name was gustovo and his son gustovo but everybody calls him david, he speaks english and spanish he and his father took us around the town of comeyagua hondorus but the best part was when we went to Nephi's temple it was a dirt mond with stone steps and three degrees of glory whitch are telestial, terrestial, celestial. when we got up there it started to rain and a soothing wind came down on us and you felt like something just was right there and staring at you in loving way i think it was heavenly father who was there then all of the suden i pictured in my mind the wars that were here and i rememebered this is the land of nephi and this is where it all happened on top of the temple there was a tree my mom called it the tree of life as we were walking down and right when i took a step over the last step it stoped raining and i looked back at the temple and saw that it was still raining on the temple.

Then we where going to give out presents to 25 children in one primmary. But when we got there was defanently more than 25 propably 50 primary childeren. So we split up the bags and gave them out then we went to another church were they preformed a program and had made meals. but before on the way to the church mom put her hand over my eyes and said a deep ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh somebodey had gotten hit on the road by a big truck we wrote his license plate down and he new what we were doing so he went into the wrong lane and when a car was coming twords him he went into the write lane and cut somebody off and did that until he was four cars ahead of us i had buckeled my seat belt and looked up then i bowed my head and paryed that the man would be caught and i looked up from my prayer and the truck was right in front of me. the police came as soon as they could and tried to help the women who had been hit and we got the road name the licence plate number and a thats all. but anyways i went and played tag with the younger kids and then we played footbal at the other ward house and every body would wonder witch football to play it was either american or soccer we played american its not like the one we play it looks like smear the quir and we didnt play it with a football no itwas a basketball and it was realy fun.


Friday, December 26, 2008

Faliz Navidad

I woke up early in the morning and noticed that I could see five Oreo cookie packages on the table and all of them had three chocolate kisses on them and underneath them was a note that said, "Merry Christmas from Santa Clause, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho". I thought that was really neat. When I was packing my things I lifted it up my backpack and there was a scorpion underneath it. I saw it and yelled "dang" then it ran under my bed. Then my brother-in-law walked in and we told him about the scorpion. He loves wild life so he looked under the bed and he tried to swoosh the scorpion out then it was stuck in his hat.

I will post more later but have to go!!!

Christmas Eve

All the service projects that we did during the week sort of came to a head on Christmas Eve. They celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve. We made 8 beds with all of the sheets and pillow cases and bought alot of food and candy, then bought our Christmas presents for the primary in Honduras. We also made two houses to give away.

The first house was given to a family the bishop choose because; 1, they were active in the church, 2, the father was having kidney failure and 3, their house didn't look good at all. They had the worst house on the street. The dad is dying. There were a bunch of pigs next door that would come out in the morning and just walk around all over the job site.

The next house was given to a grandmother that was taking care of three kids alone She washes clothes to earn money. She deserved the house because 1, it is hard to buy things without income. 2, She took care of the grandchildren and 3, she was a widow. We gave toy cars and candy to the kids on the street.

There was one house that we didn't build. The lady who lived there her name was Hazel. she was single and had two babies. She was 22 years old and her legs were crippled. They haden't had any food for months and was desperate. We found out about her because she joined the church and was confirmed Sunday as a new member. When we delivered the food she started to hyperventalate and cry and shake because she was so happy and believed she had a chance to live. She asked one of the girls in our group to take her baby home with her. She smilled really big for the picture and was very happy.

Then we gave the toys we bought with the money from somebody in our ward plus the left over toys from McMillian to the Primary in Choluteca. we had a systematic process to fill the bags. One person with the bags would carry the bag and we would fill it with a girl big toy. Then we would put candy, a note book, colored penciles/crayons and like a bouncy ball or something then we would tie the bag and put a ribbon on it. It took so long to cross the border from Chinandega to Choluteca that some of the kids waited three hours for us to get there.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

day five\day six

well i'm sorry i didn't write to my blog yesterday. because i was very tired. i'll just do yestyerday then to day. yesterday we finished making eight beds but me and ammon were playing soccer the whole time. ammon donated a soccer ball to the neighborhood & the ward it so hard to score a goal and even with one ball at my school we play with to. that was very fun.

then we went to the orphanedge to give presents that we had prepared for them. but first they had practiced a christmas pagent and the girls did great. and when they got there presents they were so happy one of the girls asked my dad to sing a christmas song in english so he sang up on the housetop. to help my dad out my family sang to. itwas so much fun.

day six
well today we went to build one of the houses and it was ammons last day he left early to go to the airport. well anyways we almost finished the house today its got four walls atin roof an a cement floor after that i went to give a pinata to the wards with clowns that looked like slash had a tie di acciedent and it spilled in his hair. they would say whats 3+3 then a kid would say 6 and he would say thats a lie! its 33. then we went christmas shopping for the kids in the Choluteca'a Honduras primary to give away on Christmas Eve. They celebrate on Christmas Eve. I don't know what the internet is like in Honduras so I hope I can still post stuff but maybe not. BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Day Quattro

Fourth full day
Today we went to church where I gave a soccer ball away. I also got some new friends. But it was hard to understand them. In church they greeted us why don’t we do that in the U.S. then we went to the girls orphanage where we gave the stockings away. The girls in the orphanage are lucky because the other girls that don’t have parents or sponsors live on the streets.

Well this morning we went to church with the chichigalpa(chi chi galpa) and the church was bran new so it was kind of mixed up. So sacrament was first and then Sunday school. Then class, but I want to talk to you about sacrament. Because you couldn’t understand what they were saying but you could tell it was from the heart it actually meant something to him. Then we were asked to sing in the middle of sacrament and we were to sing silent night. The songs were the same but a different language. But when every body sang in the rows (not cfh ) they belted it out with all their heart and enthusiasm and worries just kind of fade away. Well me and the group that I was in walked up to the podium as reverent as we could and sang silent night as beautiful as possible. After we sang silent night my step brother Rick walked up to the podium and bore his testimony about the church and jesus Christ. Then we went to the orphanage were we toured the beds and where shown the garden. Then we handed out the stockings and smiles of curiousity grew on the girls faces then began to be smiles belief and joy. THANK YOU MCMILLAN ELEMENTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF ONLY YOU WERE THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

day three


today I made a bed for people I thought, again how some people will have beds for christmas and some people will be sleeping on the cold floor. after we ate dinner we went shoping for cloths for the orfanige girls. It sad that they only have two sets of cloths. Sence today is not really the threed day 'this hapened yesterday!

i have never worked as hard as i did to day i have never worked as hard ever in my whole life. these people work hard every day most of them are poor but poor as in less money they don't have buiseness skills to help them. i realize that we have so much that we didn't earn. but they earn all our stuff and more. but they don't get that they get to work hard every day and try to survive. they are valiant about every thing.